How to Roll the Perfect Joint

The classic and iconic joint is a staple of the cannabis community, but if you’ve never rolled your own, you’re definitely not alone. While there’s no question that knowing how to roll a joint is a must for any cannabis enthusiast, conquering the challenge is sometimes easier said than done. Plenty of people are intimidated by the task, and even seasoned cannabis consumers often avoid it for years.

Edibles in Denver, Colorado

A Beginner’s Guide to Edibles

A Beginner’s Guide to Edibles Updated May 27, 2021 There are a variety of ways to indulge in the benefits and delights of cannabis. Through ongoing studies and breakthroughs, experts understand better than ever how different strains can affect a person differently via smoking, vaporizing, or even digesting the product. Marijuana edibles are an increasingly…

Weed for Smoking on 4/20

The History of 4/20

Whether or not you smoke weed, there’s a good chance that you’re familiar with 4/20. Throughout the country, it’s known as the weed holiday. Many people go so far as to smoke at 4:20, and there are plenty of people who will chuckle at the number 420, regardless of context. But where did 4/20 come…

trimmings in colorado

What is Trim, and What Can It Be Used For?

At OG Medicinals, we grow a variety of marijuana-based products designed for both recreational and medical dispensaries. We understand that in this fast-growing market, it can be hard to distinguish between all of the products currently available. Along with our traditional flower-based products, we also offer trim. However, not everyone understands trim: what is it,…

CBD for depression and anxiety

How THC and CBD May Help With Depression

How THC and CBD May Help With Depression There are stigmas around anxiety and depression, yet at least 40 million adults in the United States struggle with both daily. While your prescribed treatment will change depending on your specific circumstances, doctors have begun to recognize how THC and CBD may help with depression and chronic…