Dispensary Near Denver International Airport (DIA)

OG Medicinals Dispensary is located conveniently near Denver International Airport. We are off of Havana and I-70 so it’s an easy stop as you head further into town, or the mountains.

We are one of the closest dispensaries to DIA and pride ourselves on growing the highest quality flower for local and out-of-state visitors alike. Regardless of what you’re looking for, we have something for everyone – both medicinally and recreationally!

Directions to Our Dispensary from Denver International Airport

Uber & Lyft

The quickest way to get to a dispensary near Denver International Airport is by using an Uber or Lyft. They will pick you up at Level 5 so all you have to do is Enter OG Medicinals on Lima St, 4995 Lima St, Denver, CO 80239 and they will take you right to our door! After you stock up on your preferred marijuana products (hopefully some of our delicious flower) you can request another ride to take you to your final destination.

Rental Car

If you are heading to our Denver dispensary after picking up your rental car, it’s a breeze! All rental car options are off-site and can be accessed from a free shuttle that will pick you up on Level 5. After you grab your rental, follow the signs to Pena Boulevard and hop on I-70 West.

Check us out on Google Maps for exact direction information, and we hope to see you in our Recreational and Medical dispensary in Denver soon!